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Professor Nelson/Desire Dubounet

Born in the United States, Professor William Nelson / Desire Dubounet who now resides in Budapest, Hungary, is a world renowned scientist, international lecturer, a respected writer and the inventor of the EDUCTOR/QXCI/SCIO/EPFX and INDIGO.

To some people, she is an overnight success but the EDUCTOR came about after 30 years of research and dedication. 

Her areas of professional expertise include:

  • Alternative medicine 

  • Energetic medicine 

  • Quantum biology 

  • Homeopathy 

  • Naturopathy

The following is a brief chronological history of some of Professor Dubounet's achievements.

Quantum Biofeedback


Professor Dubounet works on the Apollo project where she learns the value of: 

  • Electronics and tri-vector shape theories of topology. 

  • The Gyro Navigation system teaches her about the multiple vectors of shape. 

  • Her work on Apollo 13 is essential in helping the astronauts re-set the navigation system for re-entry.


  • Professor Dubounet's psychic research and quantum sub-space theory leads to international acclaim.

  • In Youngstown, Ohio the first studies of reactivity show the power of the volts and amperage of the body reactivity and how inaccurate skin resistance measurements are.

  • Professor Dubounet teaches mathematics and the value of statistics, Fourier analysis and vector calculus.


  • Professor Dubounet learns the value of energetic medicine. 

  • Medication testing as reactivity. 

  • Energy flow as potential. 

  • Fractal complex systems. 

  • Voltage, amperage, resonant frequencies, capacitance, inductance and reactance are far superior values for energetic medicine. Biological speeds of reactivity is closer to 1/100 of a second. 

Quantum Biofeedback


Professor Dubounet develops the first Tri-vector system for diagnosis.

  • Assembles the Tri-vector analysis on 1,000's of homeopathics. 

  • Measures the resonant frequencies of the acupuncture points. 

  • Develops the Fourier analysis algorithms for reactivity.

  • Begins to put together the puzzle of a tri-vector cybernetic link.


Professor Dubounet gets the EPFX system registered with the U.S.A. FDA as a biofeedback unit without therapy.


The U.S.A. FDA informs Professor Dubounet that they have limits on future registration.

  • You can register a device to detect the abnormalities of the body electric and to treat the body electric.

  • But you cannot register a device that can detect electric abnormalities and then correct them at biological speeds.


To further her dream, Professor Dubounet moves to Hungary. Here she works with Gabor Lednyinsky but only shares part of her research.


Professor Dubounet's dream comes true: 

  • She solves the vector problem and therefore devises a device without the analogue to digital conversion. 

  • This results in a cheaper device with far more accuracy than conventional analogue converters. 

  • A Cybernetic link is possible. 

  • A device must be made to calibrate the patient's reactance speed, reactivity, and test 1,000's of items at biological speeds. 

  • The device must be able to do energetic medicine such as Rife, Bicom Mora, bio-resonance, etc. 

  • A Cybernetic link is established between the test and patient. 

  • This allows for auto-focusing therapy and self-adjustment treatment for maximum results and efficiency.

Apart from 5 Patents in Energetic Medicine, there are several proprietary secrets known only to Professor Dubounet. 

  1. Subspace Link. 

  2. Body digital to computer digital link.

  3. Cybernetic link of diagnosis to treatment auto focus bio-resonance. 

  4. Fractal analysis of Xrroid data. 

  5. Fourier analysis algorithms for bio-resonance data analysis. 

  6. Tri-vector system - to mention just a few.



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